Writer’s residence in Switzerland

From August to January, Radka Denemarková is on a writer’s fellowship in Switzerland, where she is writing her next novel. She received an invitation from the LANDIS & GYR STIFTUNG Foundation following last year’s prestigious Swiss literary prize “Spycher: Literaturpreis Leuk 2019” for the German edition of the novel A Contribution to the History of Joy.

The apartment in which she works bears the name of an artist who has been granted asylum in Switzerland in the last century. Fritz Wotruba (1907–1975) was a sculptor who fled to Switzerland after the annexation of Austria to the Third Reich, worked in Zug near Zurich during the war, and returned to Vienna in 1945.

Spycher: Literaturpreis Leuk 2019

The Czech author Radka Denemarková receives this year’s ‘Spycher: Leuk Literature Prize’ from the Leuk Foundation.

“Radka Denemarková is one of the most provocative, political and at the same time one of the most poetic authors of the present, as she proves in her recently published novel ‘A Contribution to the History of Joy’,” said the jury in her statement. “The author does not only affect readers with her powerful and metaphorical language, but proves that the painfulness of the narrative, the poetry and the precision of the language are by no means mutually exclusive.”

The ‘Spycher: Leuk Literature Prize’ has been awarded annually by the Schloss Leuk Foundation since 2001. Lukas Bärfuss, Felicitas Hoppe, Sibylle Lewitscharoff, Marcel Beyer, Durs Grünbein and Martin Mosebach are six of the prize winners who have been later awarded the Georg Büchner Prize.

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