The Third Eye. Essay on photos by Olga Stráníková

Olga Stráníková: Inti/emno. Edited by Martina Zuzaňáková. Essay by Radka Denemarková. Verzone, Prague 2022.

Olga Stránikova’s works enrich the story of photography with an intimate and purely feminine, elemental dimension. However, this intimacy, which is also written into the title of the exhibition and the catalogue, is not only about photography and its effect on the viewer. Those who have had the opportunity to get to know the artist better suspect that the whole process that leads to the final photograph is intimate. Whether it is the establishment of a dialogue with nature, the spontaneous course of photography or experimental work in a darkroom, these are activities experienced by the artist in a very private way, resulting in photographs that seem to come out of the old days.

The book was published on the occasion of the exhibition at the Litomyšl City Gallery in a limited edition of 300 numbered and signed copies. The cover and plates were printed by letterpress.