GRAZ. Commemoration Speech

Commemoration on 7 May: “Peace needs remembrance” The Schauspielhaus Graz supports the commemoration of peace on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance against Violence and Racism in memory of the victims of Nacism (5 … Read more »

CIESZYN. Literature on the Border

Is the whole world crazy, or just us? Discussion: Taciana Niadbaj (BY), Radka Denemarková (CZ), Zbigniew Machej (PL), Martin M. Šimečka (SK) Moderated by Łukasz Grzesiczak (PL)

SUHL: History Fair: Democracy under Pressure

Panel discussion “Freedom Lost Again? Europe in the Fourth Decade after the Freedom Revolutions of 1989/90” Guests: Prof. Dr. Irina Scherbakowa, Memorial Moscow, Markus Meckel, Chairman of the Council of the Federal Foundation for Reappraisal, … Read more »

Radka Denemarková (foto: Martina Spěváčková)

Interview on DVTV

INTERVIEW. Denemarková: We have more and more totalitarian regimes. We have reduced democracy to a business. Interview with Daniela Drtinová. DVTV, 3/14/2022. “All the dictators of the world, including Putin, respond only to force. They … Read more »

Journal der Künste 16 (2021)

Essay in the journal Journal der Künste

Radka Denemarková’s text was published in German and English in the Journal der Künste of the German Academy of Arts in Berlin: Radka Denemarková: When Freedom Dies (Centimeter by Centimeter). Journal der Künste, No. 16, … Read more »

Flag_of_Ukraine (foto: UP9)

It’s normal to help each other

Young people act, they help purposefully. While politicians have been indifferent to the situation in Ukraine for eight years. A few minutes ago, my son Jan picked up a Ukrainian family from Kiev at the … Read more »

Radka Denemarkova: Stunden aus Blei (Hoffmann und Campe 2022)

Hours of Lead | Radio Eins

INTERVIEW. “Stunden aus Blei” von Radka Denemarková. Radio Eins, 8. 2. 2022. “Hours of Lead” is the title of the new novel by Czech author Radka Denemarková. It is a political thriller, fitting for the … Read more »

PRAGUE: Discussion: Divided society

Radka Denemarková (writer) and Zuzana Tvarůžková (journalist). Moderated by Tomáš Etzler. Perhaps never in living memory has Czech society been divided as it is today. Just look at the past elections and the debate around … Read more »


New Year’s message

I wish the new year a cool head worldwide, clear mind, bold thinking and the protection of human rights and freedoms. The truth at this time is so hazy and hidden, and the lie so … Read more »