Interview with Alessandro Catalano (Czech & Italian)

The online interview with Radka Denemarková held by the director of the Czech Center Milano, Simona Calboli, and by the translator and university professor of the University of Padua, Alessandro Catalano. Chiara Macconi, professor at the Catholic University and Luiss in Rome, is also present.

The presentation of the books Money from Hitler (I soldi di Hitler, Keller Editore, 2012) and Contribution to the history of Joy (Il contributo alla storia della gioia, Sovera Edizioni, 2018). Both books have been translated into Italian by Angela Zavettieri.

Radka Denemarková on engaded literature:

“The word engaged also means at its core that I am not indifferent to the world, I am not indifferent to the time I was born in, I am not indifferent to society, I am not indifferent to family, friends, but also to my soul. And even if I write about spring, I can still be committed.”