Radka Denemarkova in the Czech Television – Hours of Lead

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Hours of Lead

A comprehensive novel inspired by author´s stays in China

The same decisive sentence will strike into fate of families of different generations from several European countries and social strata. A Czech businessman, his wife and teenage daughter, a Russian diplomat, French writer, student of calligraphy, chef and many other protagonists. And their family traumas, the middle age crisis, burnout or puberty. Pilgrims and travelers who have gone to China to clean up their lives, but their world continues falling apart. They lose something irreversibly and they are not able to understand what it is. Looking for a solid point in their past life, but they do not know what to recall.

And, as there is a dramatic break in their private histories, something essential is breaking and changing in the fate of us all. The old world of Europe is over and no one knows what is beginning. And, as every character of the novel experiences the marginal situation as an existential and personal experience, we also experience the “lead hour” all together. People are pulling into themselves, and so begins the era of resigned apathy and demoralization, the era of gray totalitarian consumptive everyday. But there is still a possibility to act. You just need to follow signs.

(Foto: Radka Denemarkova)