Radka Denemarková won the H.C. Artmann Grant of the City of Salzburg

In memory of the poet H. C. Artmann the city of Salzburg in cooperation with the Literaturhaus Salzburg has been awarding the H. C. Artmann Grant since 2008. The awarded artists are entitled to

two- to three-month writer’s residence in Salzburg. Some of the previous laureates are: Stefan Weidner (Germany, 2008), Armin Senser (Switzerland, 2009), Sigitas Parulskis (Lithuania, 2010), Ljubko Deresch (Ukraine, 2014) or Sandra Hubinger (Austria, 2018).

Radka Denemarková received the H. C. Artmann Literary Grant for her book “A Contribution to the History of Joy” published in German as “Beitrag zur Geschichte der Freude” by Hoffman and Campe publishing house, Hamburg, in 2019.