Truth contains explosive power | Salzburger Nachrichten


Helmut L. Müller: Wahrheit kann Sprengkraft enthalten. Salzburger Nachrichten, 4. 6. 2022.

Author Radka Denemarková paints a startling picture of contemporary China.

Radka Denemarková expresses her opinion of today’s China with stark clarity. The People’s Republic is “pure totalitarianism”, says the Czech author, and even more dangerous than the totalitarian systems we experienced in the 20th century. We in the West are “naïve” because we do not want to see that the Chinese regime is pursuing a policy of oppression by all means and at the same time is striving for world power status.

“Literature sensitises us, it shows us the world with different eyes. That’s why all totalitarian rulers are afraid of literature.”

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Radka Denemarková: Stunden aus Blei. Novel. Translated from Czech by Eva Profousová. 880 pp., hardcover, EUR 32,90 (Verlag Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg)

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