On Kundera and patriarchy on the Czech literature scene

Photo by Soňa Pokorná

Interview by Filip Noubel, published in Global Voices, 9th July 2020.

“Czech society hasn’t begun to face its pre-1989 [the end of communism, also known as the Velvet Revolution] past. And this year’s book about Kundera is not a step forward in that direction. On the contrary, what is at stake here is the polarity of perpetrators and victims. When our society will finally get its act together, then we will finally have books about the people who got Kundera and others in the situations we are currently witnessing.

We still await a book about Kundera written by a young, sensitive, educated and intelligent woman, as Kundera’s world is based on patriarchal values, which Novák himself cannot identify, because his life is also based on them.”

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