We must not forget

We still live in a civilized cultural society that made the Holocaust possible. And it didn’t stop it. When the Holocaust occurred, people refused to believe the facts before their eyes.

Even today, our perception has not changed; again, we will not be ready to hear the warning signs, even if we have them before our eyes. We are bloated and blinded by the perspective of an economically secure, consumer world, we do not see the moral aspect disappearing, we do not perceive the injustices and genocides of the world, we are silent to push people to the margins of society so that we do not become infected with their misfortunes. Mass murder was unimaginable, but today we must imagine the unimaginable much earlier, otherwise we will not prevent injustices.

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Jako by se to všechno stalo včera / Als wäre das alles gestern geschehen (2021, CZ-DE)Karel Cudlín, Radka Denemarková, Tomáš Jelínek (ed.), Silja Schultheis (ed.): Jako by se to všechno stalo včera / Als wäre das alles gestern geschehen. Česko-německý fond budoucnosti / Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds, Prague 2021.

A book with a remarkable essay about Holocaust by Radka Denemarková and portraits by Karel Cudlín.

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