No War!

Statement on Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine. Initiative of International Literature Festival Berlin.

It is not acceptable that more than eighty years after the Munich Agreement, threats of invasion of foreign sovereign territory are again on the rise in Europe. President Putin’s hegemonic aspirations are an attack on the democratic freedom obtained in many states in Eastern Europe after 1989. It is well known that Putin, who calls the demise of the totalitarian Soviet Union a “tragedy,” fights any democratic movement within the country and seeks to destabilize Europe not only through cyber attacks and digital interference. He also falsifies historical facts, as the banning of the human rights organization MEMORIAL shows.

The core of our democratic community in Europe is the right to self-determination of peoples, freedom of belief, freedom of trade, independence of the justice system, and freedom of the arts and sciences. Putin is now constructing an alleged threat to Russia from NATO. The opposite is the case: the encirclement of Ukraine with Russian troops is an attack on peace throughout Europe.

We appeal to the political leaders to resolutely oppose Putin’s aggression. We support dialogue with Russia, but demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine’s borders. Our solidarity and respect applies to all democratic fighters in Ukraine, in Belarus – as well as in Russia itself.

— Radka Denemarková, writer

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