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“Stunden aus Blei” von Radka Denemarková. Radio Eins, 8. 2. 2022.

Hours of Lead” is the title of the new novel by Czech author Radka Denemarková. It is a political thriller, fitting for the controversial Olympic Games in Beijing.

The plot: Beijing is the place of longing for a group of Europeans who come to China to find themselves and to set their lives on a new course. But the possibilities for their own development are rigidly limited in the communist country. The encounter with Chinese dissidents puts their values to the test, and they all reach a dramatic turning point in their lives.

At the centre of this group is a Czech writer who is a staunch advocate of democratic values and becomes a moral guiding star for a Chinese student. Reading philosophical texts together finally animates the young woman to political resistance – with fatal consequences.

We talk to the author Radka Denemarková about her new book.


Radka Denemarková: Stunden aus Blei. Novel. Translated from Czech by Eva Profousová. 880 pp., hardcover, EUR 32,90 (Verlag Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg)

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