‘Fokus Václava Moravce’ TV show

Where does civic obedience end? What will make the people rise? What are the chances of the uprising in democracy? ‘Fokus Václava Moravce’ TV show on the topic of Civil Disobedience, February 16th, 2021 on ČT24.


The guests of ‘Fokus Václava Moravce’ TV show on Civil Disobedience are actress Bára Hrzánová, professor of medical psychology Radek Ptáček, historian Eva Doležalová, political geographer Michael Romancov, writer Radka Denemarková and constitutional lawyer Jan Kysela.

Radka Denemarková:

“Democracy means following the rules of the game, even if no referee is watching. A community falls apart if the rules apply only to those below, and not to those above. Life has always arranged it so that I have to rebel. Although I am angry against injustice, I try to come up with a solution. Improvement will only come if we can complicate the lives of dictators and people of power by speaking about everything openly. Every authoritarian regime was eventually forced to pave the way for democracy. Everyone who lived before 1989 seemed to be soaked in Bolshevism. And all those born after 1989 seem to be soaked in economic pragmatism. Young people who are not soaked are needed. Neither in communism, nor in dissent, nor in the salon activism of exalted men, nor in church hierarchies, nor in the mafia structures of oligarchs. Taiwan also shaped me, positively: for everyone today, the world is a jungle when leaving the apartment, but part of freedom and independence should be also empathy and compassion for others. Not that we submit to a process where everything is determined by economic calculation and the satisfaction of the greed and desires of consumers. At that time, I instinctively understood that it was the other way around: the best way to improve the situation overall was to be adamant in all those little things. The fight for human rights and a dignified life begins at home in the kitchen. As a writer, I evade every role anyone would want to impose on me. I have to question the power, I have to draw attention to how the systems are full of lying. By my very nature, however, I bother or stand out everywhere, I am not classifiable, I provoke by my independence (mostly by the fact that I really live it). I’m just convinced that my job is to warn, to describe the horrors of what is happening beneath the surface, and to rebel against covert manipulations.”

Translated by Google Translate.