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Alena Dvořáková: The China in Us. Dublin Review of Books, July 2020.

At the heart of the narrative one encounters a paradox: Denemarková’s plot may strike the reader as endowed with the kind of hyperbolic improbability associated with a twisting (spy) thriller. Yet the background for all the events is carefully researched: the novel draws on events that have actually taken place, such as the October to December 2015 “disappearances” of a number of Hong Kong booksellers, the July 9th, 2015 mass crackdown on human rights lawyers, the existing system of penal labour camps (laogai) and the ongoing harvesting of organs from executed prisoners.

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Radka Denemarková: Hodiny z olova. Novel. 750 pp., hardcover, CZK 499 (Nakladatelství Host, Brno)

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