We lack values such as solidarity, cooperation and consideration for others

Great literature is always contemporary. It is not closed. It strives to impress as much as possible in every presence, it comes to life every time the reader opens the book. It is important to look at yourself from time to time through the eyes of others. Lest we forget that we are not the navel of the world, but part of an intention whose meaning is hidden from us. The literary garden offers us such pleasures and secrets.

—Radka Denemarková

Interview with Slovenian translator Tatjana Jamnik in the Slovenian magazine Razpotja.

Radka Denemarková: „Primanjkuje nam vrednot, kot so solidarnost, sodelovanje in misel na druge“. Interview with Tatjana Jamnik. Razpotja 43 (2021): Podoba, pp. 30–36.

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