Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau

We must not forget

We still live in a civilized cultural society that made the Holocaust possible. And it didn’t stop it. When the Holocaust occurred, people refused to believe the facts before their eyes. Even today, our perception … Read more »

Internationales Literaturfestiva Berlin (logo)

No War!

Statement on Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine. Initiative of International Literature Festival Berlin. It is not acceptable that more than eighty years after the Munich Agreement, threats of invasion of foreign sovereign territory are again on … Read more »


New Year’s message

I wish the new year a cool head worldwide, clear mind, bold thinking and the protection of human rights and freedoms. The truth at this time is so hazy and hidden, and the lie so … Read more »

Protest in support for Polish women, Zurich (Radka Denemarková)

Control over women’s bodies

The struggle of women in Poland, which these days are demonstrating against the return to the Middle Ages, is a struggle of all women in the world. It is a fight for human rights. Hours … Read more »