U Čechiv. Antologija sučasnogo opovidannja. A-ba-ba-ga-la-ma-ga, Kyjev 2021.

“Czechs: An Anthology of Contemporary Czech Short Stories” in Ukrainian

У чехів. Антологія сучасного чеського оповідання. А-ба-ба-га-ла-ма-га, Київ 2021. U Čechiv. Antologija sučasnogo českogo opovidannja. A-ba-ba-ga-la-ma-ga, Kyjev 2021. Czechs: An Anthology of Contemporary Czech Short Stories in Ukrainian language. Short story by Radka Denemarková: Chiži … Read more »

Radka Denemarková (foto: Martina Spěváčková)

Interview on DVTV

INTERVIEW. Denemarková: We have more and more totalitarian regimes. We have reduced democracy to a business. Interview with Daniela Drtinová. DVTV, 3/14/2022. “All the dictators of the world, including Putin, respond only to force. They … Read more »

Against Russian aggression! | 3Kino Centrále

Ukrainianist Lenka Víchová, writer Radka Denemarková and Jan Denemark. 3Kino Centrále, 10. 3. 2022.

Lenka Víchová: “I know that Ukrainians will stand for it.”
Radka Denemarková: “We still can’t put morality above politics.”
Jan Denemark: “Solidarity and people helping each other is an incredible thing!”

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the transparent account of the non-profit organization Post Bellum, which provides aid to Ukraine.

Reading in Kiel, Germany

❤Thank you for an intense evening at a challenging time. With an incredibly receptive audience of a sold out hall. I first visited the literary house of the German city of Kiel seventeen years ago. A team of people who understand literature keeps this oasis of humanism at a high level to this day.

Literaturhaus Schleswig-Holstein Live from Literaturhaus SH on Vimeo.

Internationales Literaturfestiva Berlin (logo)

No War!

Statement on Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine. Initiative of International Literature Festival Berlin. It is not acceptable that more than eighty years after the Munich Agreement, threats of invasion of foreign sovereign territory are again on … Read more »

Radka Denemarková v Fokusu Václava Moravce (16. 2. 2021)

Kulturmontag | ÖRF

Radka Denemarková as a guest on Austrian TV ÖRF, 7 February 2022. While the Olympic Games in China have long been celebrated within the country’s own borders as the final crowning glory of an emerging … Read more »

Číst Havla/Reading Havel

Reading Havel

In the frame of the project Reading Havel, Radka Denemarková shared her thoughts on Václav Havel and read an excerpt of his essay A Word about Words. The aim of the project READING HAVEL is … Read more »

Konference v počest Ivana M. Havla 11. 11. 2021

Conference in honour of Ivan M. Havel

Radka Denemarková attends a conference in honor of Ivan M. Havel. Ivan M. Havel (October 11, 1938–25 April 2021) was a man of many interests, his strength consisting, among other things, in his ability to … Read more »

Radka Denemarková: Spací vady jako audiokniha

Sleeping Disorders now available as audiobook!

The black comedy Sleeping Disorders (Spací vady, 2012) is now available as audiobook! Czech language version Read by: Taťjana Medvecká, Jitka Ježková a Lucie Pernetová More information: https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/660130-denemarkova-spaci-vady/cd-mp3 Buy

Reading: Zürich liest (German)

Radka Denemarková reading from her novel Money from Hitler.

Three women, three books, and a brunch

The writers Radka Denemarková, Evelina Lambreva Jecker and Lea Catrina read from their books, the host is Dana Grigorcea.

The brunch is part of the monthly benefit readings that Dana Grigorcea has been holding in Zurich for the last five years for the benefit of the refugees.

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Protest in support for Polish women, Zurich (Radka Denemarková)

Control over women’s bodies

The struggle of women in Poland, which these days are demonstrating against the return to the Middle Ages, is a struggle of all women in the world. It is a fight for human rights. Hours … Read more »

The Hours of Lead in English

The Asymptote Journal published a short fragment of Radka Denemarkova´s newest book „Hours of Lead“.  

Příspěvek k dějinám radosti & Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Freude (foto: Radka Denemarková)

Radka Denemarková at the Leipzig Book Fair

The Czech Republic is the leading Participant at Leipzig Book Fair 2019. We bring you an overview of events attended by Radka Denemarková. March 21st, 2019 (10:15 AM – 11 AM) Radka Denemarková: A Contribution … Read more »

Radka Denemarková: Hodiny z olova

Interview in Respekt weekly

A comprehensive interview with Kateřina Mázdrová was published in Czech magazine Respekt (05.01.2019). Not only about the new novel Hodiny z olova / Hours of Lead. „The book is written from the perspective of my experiences while staying in … Read more »