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Radka Denemarková: Spací vady (2012)Original title: Spací vady
Pages: 214
Year of publication: 2012
Published by: Filip Tomáš – Akropolis
ISBN: 978-80-7470-006-4
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A black comedy, involving Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Ivana T. in heaven discussing literature and the posthumous fate of their writing.

Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath represent two generations of outstanding women writers – both sought independence and struggled to reconcile their impulse to write with the countless pressures and constraints of their time and the ghosts of their own past; both ultimately took their own lives. In Radka Denemarková's play, they are thrown together in one room. As they look back on their lives as a whole, they cling on to their illusions. Much of the time they spend bickering over their respective qualities as writers and pocking cruelly into each other's past lives – with only occasional hints of empathy – until the protective façades with which each had surrounded herself, begin to crack.

Ivana T. enters. She is the most obviously ficitionalized ot the three characters; the real Ivana Trump – glitzy Czech-born socialite, former athlete and fashion model – still being very much alive. In the play, Ivana is also a writer – although of a very different kind, working mostly through a ghostwriter. She is a tough, successful twenty-first century businesswoman, at home in the world of money and marketing. She turns the lives – or should one say afterlives – of her two unwilling roommates upside down.

Each of the three characters can leave the room, should her name be called by someone still living who loves them...

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A clash of an early industrial social structure with the world of modern age ruled by money, business and technology of the 20th century. But the main line wrapping the three female writers indicates not only the contrast of time, but also the mutual psychological connections which have been (and unfortunately continuing being) a problem a woman – author is preoccupied with.Iveta Svobodová,

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Foreign editions

  • Polish edition: Wady snu. Translated by Olga Czernikow. Książkowe Klimaty, Wrocław 2019.
  • Slovenian edition: Spalne hibe. Translated by Tatjana Jamnik. KUD Police Dubove, Vnanje Gorice 2020.