An Enemy to Himself

Original title: Sám sobě nepřítelem
Pages: 324
Year of publication: 1998
Published by: Nadace Divadla Na Zábradlí
ISBN: 9788023836790
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A monograph on Czech theatre and film director Evald Schorm.

The book presents in detail the work of the leading Czech film and theater director Evald Schorm. The appendix of the book includes a chronological inventory of the work, Schorm’s reflections, and an illustration of his handwritten notes for the film Mirroring (Zrcadlení).


Mentioned twice in the Lidové noviny opinion poll “THE BOOK OF THE YEAR 1998” (by Jan Antonín Pitínský, Zdena Hadrbolcová).


  • Vladimír Just: Tři způsoby, jak naložit s historií českého divadla. Divadelní revue, 3/2000, pp. 68–73.