A Contribution to the History of Joy

Radka Denemarková: Příspěvek k dějinám radosti. Host, Brno 2014.

The body of a wealthy middle-aged businessman is found in his luxury villa in Prague. Initially nothing suggests foul play but the man’s widow insists it couldn’t possibly be suicide.

Roman noir set in the contemporary world.

The book won the author the Swiss Spycher Literaturpreis Leuk.

US 2

Radka Denemarková: MY 2 (2014)

In 2014, two people meet in Prague. Ema and Tony. Ema is on the run from her unhappy marriage, Tony is a popular hairdresser. They both desire to be liked by men...
A literary work of art for the feature film by Slobodanka Radun.

Money from Hitler

Radka Denemarková: Peníze od Hitlera (2006)

16-year-old Gita Lauschmannová, who grew up in a German-speaking, assimilated Jewish family in a Czech village, returns from a Nazi concentration camp at the end of the war.

The book won Magnesia Litera Prize, Usedom Literary Prize and Georg Dehio Prize.

The Devil by the Nose

2005_A ja porad kdo to tluce_1_CZ

Theatre director Petr Buch returns to Prague after decades in German exile to stage a new play by Birgit Stadtherrová, anxious to find out how she discovered his darkest secret.

Hours of Lead

Radka Denemarková: Román Hodiny z olova (2019, CZ)

A comprehensive novel inspired by author’s stays in China.

Magnesia Litera Prize – Book of the Year 2019

Literary Prize of Styria 2022 (Austria)