Audiobook of the Year 2021: Best Performer

This year, 17 actresses competed for the Best Female Performer category of the Audiobook of the Year 2021 Award, 5 of whom were named the best by the jury in the first round of voting. Among the nominees is Zuzana Slavíková, the interpreter of Money from Hitler

The winner will be announced by the jury on Thursday 12 May.

Zuzana Slavíková is the alphabetically last performer nominated for Audiobook of the Year 2021. Her voice is not unfamiliar to listeners either – her portfolio of audiobooks includes humorous literature, fantasy, thrillers and social novels. This year, the Témbr publishing house entered her in the competition for the best performer with the audiobook Money from Hitler by Radka Denemarková, which was recorded with Slavíková by director Jan Drbohlav.

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Photo by Soňa Pokorná