The kindness of a swallow
carries more weight than
the laws of rulers.

– A Contribution to the History of Joy –

Photo by Vojtěch Havlík

Radka Denemarková is a Czech novelist, dramatist, scenarist, essayist, translator of German literature, and creative writing teacher. Three-time Magnesia Litera prize winner – for prose, non-fiction and translation.

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Reading MONEY FROM HITLER is a mind shattering experience. The novel tells a classical story of persecution and expulsion, but also of a fight for justice. Radka Denemarková has made a major contribution, with a literary mastery, to the extensive chronicles of the history of German-Czech-Jewish relationships.From Georg Dehio Prize jury's justification
A struggle to resurrect the genre. The novel is a genre based mostly on a game and Radka Denemarková knows that well. KOBOLD consist of two parts. Each of them has its own boards – vis-á-vis each other. Both parts feature the Kobold – gnome, elf, leprechaun. The narrative is ruled sometimes by fire, sometimes by water. Or maybe the other way around? That is up to the reader.Marek Dobrý, ČRo Radio Wave

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Radka Denemarková: Hodiny z olova. Brno: Host, 2019.

Hours of Lead

A comprehensive novel inspired by author’s stays in China.

The same decisive sentence will strike into fate of families of different generations from several European countries and social strata. A Czech businessman, his wife and teenage daughter, a Russian diplomat, French writer, student of calligraphy, chef and many other protagonists…

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